Where to buy SX1301 or SX1308 for a Raspberry PI LoRa GW HAT?

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Does anybody know where to source the Semtech SX1301 or SX1308 chip? I have designed a Raspberry PI gateway PCB, based on the availability of the Semtech LoRa chips SX1301 and SX1308 on the Digikey site. The PCB functions as a Raspberry PI HAT and contains everything to create a small 8 channel LoRa gateway including GPS receiver.

The PCB came out of the factory OK. However, when I started ordering the Semtech silicon through Digikey they have placed my order ‘on hold’ on the basis that they need to check with Semtech if they are allowed to sell these chips to me at the advertised price. Wait… what…? Digikey advertise as having 2484 pieces of SX1301 available, yet they are unable to tell me if they are actually shipping them. I have been waiting for more than a week now just for the order confirmation from Digikey and calling them on a daily basis does not seem to help.

So, does anybody know an alternative source of the SX1301 and/or SX1308?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Going to do SX1308 Raspberry Pi GW production run

You might want to talk to this guy.


maybe @ taobao https://world.taobao.com/item/535962847954.htm?spm=a312a.7700714.0.0.s0Atsa#detail

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Yes, I actually tried sourcing the part from China. However, despite nice pictures on the trading sites and apparently having the SX1301 in stock I got a message back saying:

Tom: HI,sir, No goods,Cancellation of order

They took my money though… probably need to talk to the credit card company to get it back.

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If your ordering from taobao, you can just cancel the order and the money will came back.(money is send to seller after you check “received” or two weeks after seller sent out package)
I’ve order almost every store on taobao that sell SX1301/8 and it seems no one really have one…

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So it looks like the SX1308 is available. I am curious to know if someone actually succeeded in buying any of them through Taobao? So far I have not been successful.

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I have successfully brought two SX1308 from Taobao like two month before though…
no success order since then.

I hope I can travel back in time to buy all the stock they have :tired_face:

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SX1308 @ Digikey seems fine, I’ve order 25 for PCBA on Digikey last month.

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Yes, eventually Digikey will deliver them, took 3 weeks to get a confirmation from semtech to digikey for my order.

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Really strange. I called Digikey just now and they told me that they are waiting for a confirmation from Semtech to actually sell these SX1301 and SX1308 at the advertised price.

Why would it be so difficult to obtain a piece of silicon? And also do we really want to operate in an ecosystem where it is so hard to obtain the necessary bits to make it work? Just wondering.


American rules… they check first if you’re not a terrorist :wink:

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Suppliers somehow have to wrestle themselves trough a Forrest of rules, especially when it comes to shipping wireless stuff from the US to EU :(.

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So apparently I passed the test. Digikey just confirmed and released the shipment of the SX1301 and SX1308. The shipment is indeed coming from the USA.

Waiting for the parts to come…

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The SX1308 and SX1301 arrived Friday. For those interested, here is the assembled version…