Where to input DevEui, APppEui on the new TTN version


I just noticed there’s no anymore field during registering an end device where in you can input the end device’s AppEui and DevEui. Where can I locate it?

You need to complete the form from the top to bottom, you will be asked for it. You need to replace the ‘…’ with your settings.


Hello @Johan_Scheepers What did you choose in the Activation Menu? Because whatever I choose I dont see the AppEui and DevEui huhuhu.

My Provisioning Information still contains this:

You have configured the device to use ABP. In that case the EUIs are not in use and currently the fields are not available for entry. See Why an ABP device would need a JoinEUI in TTNv3?
(Searching the forum usually helps getting answers for your questions without having to wait for a response)

Owww I’m sorry. Im basically a newbie and I still dont know what’s the meaning of those terms thats why I dont what to search. Apologies for asking too much. But thank you for the information and feedback.

I will the recommend you read the documentation first and build a bit of a understanding

I will. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

What made you take it off the preferred default of OTAA?

See https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/lorawan/