Why application does not see new packets anymore?

Hi, I have a sistem with 4 nodes and 1 gateway (The things gateway and 4 samd21rf pro nodes), my system have worked for months until this morning when I haven’t received application data anymore.

Today I noticed that Ubidots didn’t received data, so after several checks I see that:

  1. In Gateways -> Traffic I can see all packets with the correct device IDs
  2. In application I cannot see packets with the same device ID I have seen in gateway traffic section

What could be the problem?


I already tried to reset frame counters (even if check is disabled, 'cause I’m testing an application)

Same here!!
last message received at 10:37 (italy)

gateway and sensors results “last seen” few seconds ago, but there are no messages!

same problem on my site

yes, last packet: 10.37 (Italy) for me too

Application/Integration API (MQTT) -> Under Maintenance

It’s ok now