Why gateways receives one message on different channels?

Hi, I’m using ttn-abp example from arduino-lmic. Can someone explain to me why when I send one message from the end device then few gateways received it, but on different channels? Does my end device send a message on a few channels simultenisly?

Are the frequencies also different? The channel numbers are not standardized and can differ between gateways depending on the packet forwarder running on that gateway and its configuration. The frequency should be the same for all gateways.

It doesn’t. However if you transmit too close to a gateway (within 5 meters) crosstalk might result in the transmission being received on another frequency.


the closest gateway is 200m away and the farthest 30 km. Now, I’m not 100 % sure if it was only the channel number, but I will check it tomorrow.

It was indeed only channel number and the frequency was the same. Thank you very much for the explanation.