With my 5th RN2483 node i get always a denied

I registered the 5th RN2483 device @ TTN. After the initialization and after “mac join otaa” i get always OK and denied. But all other devices are working fine and I did the same init.
Can somebody give me a hint what’s going wrong?

start with a factory reset before setting keys
check keys again / again / again
otaa / abp


  1. i checked the keys - they are correct.
  2. i only need otaa
  3. SF = 11
    What are framecounters?

Is there a limit of nodes who i can use?

no limits, but if 4 are working and this one not… check again everything (from type(A / non A) to firmware to device settings in console)

Is the firmware the same as the working ones? And are all the same model (RN2483 vs RN2483A)?
Check the antenna (connection) as the module might not be able to receive data.

Yes it is the same firmware. But now it works after a factory reset.

But another question. Is it necessary to buffer the battery (Li-ION 3,6V 2400mAh) with a supercap?

That depends on the characteristics of you battery. What is the peak load at what duration the cell can handle?

Yes of course. The peak load (400mA) and duration (> 1h @ 25°C) is perfectly adequate. But i got this recommendation (using a supercap in addition) from a distributor.

You should be looking at pulse drain specs, those are usually different from continues load. A one hour window is not exactly a pulse any more. However if it can handle 400 mAh pulses you should be fine without a supercap.