Working RisingHF Board TTN Gateway (Finally)

(Theo Boomsma) #1

After numerous attempts and many more searches for setting up a TTN Gateway based on RaspberryPI and RisingHF board for ITU zone 1 … we are soo happy to share with you how we got it working. Check the full instructions on video from beginnings all the way to the enclosure … dont forget to like our channel and subscribe for more to come



very nice vid… you have a website ?

I don’t see a TTN community in Paramaribo … why not start one ?

(Theo Boomsma) #3

Thank you for your comment!
Actually it’s a collaboration between Codettes
(Women in ICT group , the makers of these types of tech vlogs and tech research)

IT-Core a Foundation stimulating ICT Innovation in Caribbean region (unfortunately our site is down currently)

The project will launch under the name of
(hope the amount of links dont get this post kicked off)

(Theo Boomsma) #4

Anybody needs support we gladly help.
By the way the Rising uses the SEMTECH firmware also (at least we did) and it only requires the reset-pin in the to be changed. So these instructions also apply to Semtech SX1301 boards