Yabby asset tracker

Great to see TTN Mapper at long last recording some positions via my v3 gateway :smiley:
But this is a first time I’ve had hits from the nearby railway line:


I was curious about the node and suspect it might be one of these…

…which is used for asset tracking.

However, having a look on TTN Mapper for device id yabby produces a rather unexpected result (to say the least). Perhaps all these asset tracking devices use the same node name?

The other peculiar result is they always seem to report -18.0 m altitude

Anyone have experience of the device?

I know the Oyster (also from Digital Matter) doesn’t report an altitude as I don’t think it was terribly important for their tracking use case and would have consumed fields (reverse engineering their thinking, no actual knowledge!).

TTNMapper uses -18, from memory, when altitude is not supplied.

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Thanks @bwooce that makes a lot of sense.
Personally I think there would be a great market for a LoRaWAN asset tracker in the sub GBP 15 price range. I’m always on the lookout for such a device.
Mind you, we need a lot more gateways in this part of the world to make it really useful and at the moment a LTE solution is probably more viable for protecting things.
But that might change :wink:

Why not design, make, sell & profit from one?

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