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Posted on June 3, 2016



At TNW Hack Battle 2016 in Amsterdam, we built a smart toilet using TTN. We were so successful that we got a prize in the category best integration.

below the project description which is on github: https://github.com/renasboy/hack_battle_2016

Check also the presentation video on youtube: https://youtu.be/GOqzCT-LEK0


Smart WC

Improve your most private experience when you are off home


  1. Strong perfum smell or even worst strong stink
  2. Dirty floor and dirty vase or even worst wet toiled seat
  3. Toiled seat always up
  4. Washing your hands is healthy
  5. Knowing who is using before gives you a chance to avoid any inconvenience
  6. Maintenace is cheeper when users keep it clean
  7. Sometimes status is unclear if its busy or free


  1. WC is empty, closed, door dislays users rankings and YAY images as screensaver
  2. Ultrasonic sensor in the door detects possible user approximation
  3. Camera detects face and take picture which is shown on screen
  4. Face recognition detects user as known user or new user
  5. New user gets presented with accept terms while opening door
  6. Before door is open a photo is taken inside the empty toiled before the use
  7. As door opens, ambient music from deezer start playing
  8. Door display the current user rating
  9. Internal sensors starts data collection:
    a. In the toiled air quality sensor detects when to spray perfum
    b. "Raindrop" sensor detects if user did pee on the toilet seat
    c. "Gas" sensors detects really "Raindrop" sensor detects if user did pee on the toilet seat
    d. Ultrasonic sensor detects if user washed hands
    e. Ultrasonic sensor detects if the toiled seat was set back down
  10. When user leaves the toiled another photo is taken and compared with the photo taken before the use
  11. After every session an evaluation of usage is generated and the last user ranking is updated
  12. User information might show on door screen, with dirtyness and cleanliness ranks, health tips