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Posted on Oct. 19, 2016




We hooked up a simple particle sensor to an Arduino that was able to communicate its sensor values to TTN using an RN2483.

A separate process forwards the incoming data to a Firebase database, ultimately resulting in https://aelora.nl where we monitor our air quality.

All components were neatly packaged inside a beautiful bird-like form factor, much nicer for the unsuspecting passer-by to look at. Can you spot the antenna ?

Air quality matters. Right now we use a very simple particle sensor as proof of concept. Investigations into which are the best (and most affordable) sensors are in progress. Power management is also a concern, of course. For the time being we are using a regular powerbank and cut off power to the Arduino using a separate schematic, restarting it in a timely fashion. This will all change in hopefully the near future.

Wouldn't it also be nice to give these birds silicon wings enabling them to re-energize their internal battery ?