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Devices for use cases related to agriculture

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MeteoHelix IoT Pro -LoRa

Industrial wireless micro-weather station


LoRaWAN™ outdoor environmental sensor

FMLR MultiSensor Hub

Environment sensing

Smart Buildings

Devices for use cases related to smart buildings

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CLICKEY Desk sensor

Measure the occupation of flexible workplaces

LoRaWAN Probeless Temperature Sensor

Measures ambient temperature with no external probe

SQUID Sensor

Electricity sub-metering

Smart Metering

Devices for use cases related to smart metering

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LoRaWAN Pulse Sampling

PULSE868-LRW Passive single pulse data acquisition

LoRaWAN™ Pulse + Analog Reader

Simple acquisition of metering data


LoRaWAN Wireless Pulse Counter Interface

Logistics and Tracking

Devices for use cases related to logistics and tracking

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LoRaWAN Water Meter AMR

Field test device LoRaWAN

Network coverage & tracking

Senlab D - OPE-LAB-13NS - Outdoor openings remote control

Outdoor openings remote control

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