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Restaurant and Food Services Solution

Food storage temperature monitoring is vital for food freshness. Maintain proper temperatures and reduce risk of costly spoilage while maintaining HACCP compliance with accurate temperature record keeping. Effortlessly monitor all of your food storage equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and receive alerts should any readings fall out of range.

Offered by myDevices
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Rat and Mouse Trap Monitoring Solution

This solution has been designed to provide long range wireless capability to detect a mouse or a rat caught by a trap in its bait station. These smart traps from Xignal have a wireless sensor which connects directly to a LoRaWAN gateway providing connectivity up to 8-10 km distance. The sensor detects the capture of a mouse/rat from a trap action and sends an immediate trigger to the gateway through which it can then be removed service personnel.

Offered by The Things Industries
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Parked Vehicle Detection Sensors

The Parked Vehicle Detection Sensors are specifically designed for accurate detection of cars or trucks. This managed Solution is tailor-made for Smart City and Smart Office use-cases.

Offered by TWTG
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Query one or more Modbus slaves

MCCI Catena 4460

Environmental Sensor Wing for LoRaWAN technology


Temperature and moisture sensor for climate monitoring with LPN

Popular Services

Wide variety of certified services that can get you started in no time.

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Smart Agriculture

LoRaWAN™ Starter Pack - I

LoRaWAN Starter Kit for Fast Prototyping

Restaurant and Food Services

Walk in, Cooler, Freezer & Food Prep Monitoring

Popular Integrations

Connect your devices on the network to an application easily with the available integrations.

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Drag and drop IoT platform

Microshare’s Predictive Cleaning & Maintenance solution

Simple real-time monitoring of restrooms and facilities

Microshare’s Smart Occupancy Module

Simple real-time monitoring of use and occupancy of desks, conference rooms and public areas.

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