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AcSiP, as the name literally implies, we focus on developing “Advanced Communication System in Package” technologies and services. Since 2009, we have accumulated lots of experience in wireless communication & various applications. With the knowledge & valuable experience, we are able to provide series of wireless connectivity solutions. Our products line include Bluetooth, NFC, Zigbee, WiFi, GPS, 2G, 4G and even the new long range communication standard – LoRa. Besides, with the unique SiP ( System in Package ) technologies, we offer system integration and size shrinkage services to customers, so that customers can easily create their system products with differential added values.

# EU 863-870
# Modules
# US 902-928

AcSiP offers products in the following categories:

AcSiP's products
EK-S76GXB Evaluation Board

LoRa and GNSS Wireless Communication Module

EK-S78SXB Evaluation Board

SX1278 + STM32L073x


LoRa and GNSS Wireless Communication Module


SX1276 + STM32L073x


SX1278 + STM32L073x