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adeunis® is a company specializing in the manufacture of connected devices and the development of ready-to-use wireless solutions dedicated to the IoT (Internet Of Things) BtoB business sectors.

We have over 20 years of experience that enables us to place a targeted technological approach at your disposal which does not show any preference to proprietary technology, in order to support you with the deployment of your IoT solutions.

From the manufacture of connected devices to support on your sites for the deployment and maintenance of our solutions designed specially for your, including connectivity integration (management of your subscriptions, selection of technology adapted to your needs), adeunis® has positioning across the entire data processing chain, providing you with some or all of the necessary solutions, depending on your needs.

The adeunis® offer meets your needs on the Building Management and Processes and Services Optimization markets.

Whether you want to improve the management of your building, carry out real-time monitoring of your energy consumption, detect a tank level, be alerted during a machine malfunction, etc., adeunis® products and solutions are deployed according to your projects.

For more than 20 years, adeunis® has been supporting its international customers with products using the latest technologies and implementing innovative solutions.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# US 902-928

Adeunis offers products in the following categories:

Adeunis's products

Giving IoT connectivity to wired sensors

Dry Contacts

Reporting 0-1 statuses and controlling relays

Field test device LoRaWAN

Network coverage & tracking


Query one or more Modbus slaves


Give all your meters communication capability


Measure temperatures