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AllThingsTalk markets a scalable IoT Application Enablement platform which can be used as an agile, rapid prototyping environment, as well as for full service roll-out of connected products. It is called AllThingsTalk Cloud.
AllThingsTalk Cloud enables you to focus on the business logic of your IoT Application. It lets you connect your devices over a variety of networks and seamlessly manages your devices and users, organising access and usage of the collected data. AllThingsTalk Cloud is offered as Platform-as-a-Service both under the AllThingsTalk brand as well as privately labeled.
AllThingsTalk guides customers at every stage of the IoT innovation process with ideation and rapid prototyping tools using the AllThingsTalk Cloud to manage connected products and organise users access to data.
AllThingsTalk is a Belgian company based in Ghent, and has a branch office in Belgrade, Serbia, where a team of developers holds office.

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