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Apio is a company born in 2014 with the goal of creating an Hardware and Software ecosystem able to Scale and Interoperate in several Internet of Things applications. Apio is a Latin word meaning "Establish a Communication". Everything started as an idea of some young minds from Università Politecnica delle Marche, which has rapidly evolved towards a real company, Apio Srl, currently emerging in the Marche region as a reference point for new connectivity, transmission and data analysis technologies. The ability to mix specific technological skills in areas like Cloud Computing, Web Development, System Integration, Embedded Development and Hardware Design, over time has allowed Apio to work with major national and international companies such as Fater SpA, ENEL and important research entities like ENEA.

Connecting objects to internet is just a basic element of Internet of Things. The real value of IoT comes from the ability to extract massive sets of object-generated data and analyze them to learn relevant information for the specific scope. There are endless possible areas to successfully apply IoT: from Smart Cities to Industry 4.0, passing through whatever comes to your mind. IoT is something that cannot be avoided over time: it is the natural evolution of Internet and Apio is ready to eagerly face every challenge coming from the market.

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