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Evvos designs and develops Hardware and Software for Sensor Data Acquisition. Our wireless battery powered data transmitters are capable of connecting any sensor with a pulse, voltage, current, I2C, 1-wire or SDI-12 output. In addition, we have also developed a device (transmitter) to acquire, process and transmit data from temperature sensors (thermocouples K, J, T, N, S, E, B, R and highly accurate Pt100/1000 sensors). Evvos’ innovative hardware technology is highly efficient in terms of power consumption and uses LPWA (low-power wide-area) network to transmit sensor data to the cloud. Our Cloud Integration Services (CIS) application enables customers to easily integrate sensor data with their own systems, applications and platforms. Evvos’ in-house hardware and software teams collaborate to ensure optimal interoperability between sensors, devices and applications. We help utilities companies monitor their water supply network and we are also active in precision agriculture and environmental monitoring - pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, soil moisture, wind speed and direction, fluid levels, leaf wetness sensors, IR thermometers and more.

Should your application require specific combinations and/or different sensors, please contact us at sales@evvos.com

If you wish to become a distributor or offer an end solution (web, mobile app), please contact us at partners@evvos.com

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OneSense Pulse and Current

Compact battery-powered wireless data acquisition transmitter