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eWBM Co, Ltd., a system on chip (SoC) solution company, specializes in providing hardware-based low power security chips and related solutions which are optimized for IoT applications.
Designed with a complete root-of-trust HSM, the self-designed secure MCU, MS500, provides industry’s highest level of security to be used in variety of IoT markets such as Secure LoRa, Secure Sensor to Ethernet, Secure IP camera, including the world’s first L2-certified FIDO2 Fingerprint Authenticator.

We deliver the secure LoRa module and associated Evaluation Board powered by MS500, where the optional PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) over LoRa technology enhances the security level of the traditional LoRa to the next level.

The LoRa module acquired 4 regional certificates from the LoRa Alliance.
EU 8630-870 (Europe)
AS 923 (Japan, Southeast Asia)
KR 920 (Korea)
US 902–928 (North America)

# CN 470-510
# EU 863-870
# Industrial IoT
# US 902-928

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eLR100_Secure LoRa module

LoRa module

eLR100_Secure LoRa module, LoRa Evaluation board

Secure LoRa module, Secure LoRa evaluation board