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Friendcom, a provider of wireless M2M solutions, who dedicated to wireless communications research for more than 10 years. As an owner of independent intellectual property of CellMesh wireless fixed network, we provide comprehensive solutions for smart grid, utility metering, wireless connectivity and test equipment. We also serve in the area of smart home,intelligent security, intelligent transportation, precision agriculture, utilities meter data collection, etc.

We persist to create value for clients by continuous technology innovation and invest 10% of revenue for R&D. Hundreds of our engineers focus ontechnology innovation, establish joint laboratories with several world'sfirst-class customers and industry-chain partners for collaborative innovation.We have nearly a hundred patents and software copyrights. We also play an important role in the establishment of Chinese wireless communication standard.We cooperate closely with several domestic and overseas first-class universities,research institutions and laboratories, to consolidate and enhance our core competencies, to strive to be the leading supplier of wireless M2M solutions. We’re ready to contribute our effort to promote wireless M2M development and application.

# EU 863-870
# Gateways
# US 902-928

Friendcom offers products in the following categories:

Friendcom's products
Indoor Gateway GW200

868MHz terminal

LoRaWAN Pulse Sampling

PULSE868-LRW Passive single pulse data acquisition

Oudoor Gateway GW300

868MHz terminal

WSL02-A0 LoRaWAN radio module

Ultra small module