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What started as family business in electronic engineering more than 25 years ago, has turned into a European innovator in on-street parking. More than just a manufacturer, IEM designs and develops solutions for efficient and smart on-street parking and thus making urban city life easier.

IEM is a leading European provider of intelligent instruments to manage on-street parking. The company brings state of the art solutions to cities and parking operators and provides a set of applications to drivers to make their urban mobility experience most convenient.

Shaping the future smart urban parking world does not prevent us from dealing with daily down to earth issues of our customers. We work closely with parking operators in the French part of Switzerland simply to keep the finger on the pulse of every aspect of on-street parking management.

IEM’s franco-swiss team, working in the Geneva region is involved in every detail of its products and services.

All IEM parking meters are assembled, tested and quality checked in IEM’s own facilities in Geneva. All IEM activities are 100% self-financed. This strong commitment to the company forms the foundation for new exciting projects.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
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# Smart City
# US 902-928

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