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The decentralization of your data to mobile applications

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Kalima Systems, founded in 2012 with headquarter in Paris (France), is a software publisher and hardware designer enabling professionals to get closer to their clients, suppliers, subcontractors through Internet of Things (IoT) inter-connection.

Kalima Systems developed an embedded blockchain technology - Kalima - which monitors IoT networks for industrial sites, infrastructures (utilities or transports), smart cities, smart districts or smart buildings.

Kalima Systems interconnects people, objects and services.

# EU 863-870
# US 902-928

Kalima Systems offers products in the following categories:

Kalima Systems's products
Kalima Flood sensor LoRa KL 817 - Resolution 1 cm

Really compatible with Industrial IoT requirements

Kalima Hub Modbus LoRa KL 617

Really compatible with Industrial IoT requirements