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Internet of Things

We believe the Internet of Things (IoT) is misunderstood and under-appreciated. This is a challenge but also an opportunity.

For us, IoT is about understanding and controlling the physical world in real time. Just as the Internet transformed digital industries- such as communications and entertainment- so will the Internet of Things transform physical industries- such as agriculture and infrastructure- by creating a digital representation capable of being sensed, analysed and controlled. Big/small data, insights and action are the keys to creating smart services and real benefits. AI and blockchains are the future enablers.

The focus needs to be on the benefits from IoT- better products and services, lower costs, and new business models. But, we also need to tackle the hard challenges of security and privacy.

Our Approach

In te reo Māori, “kotahi” means “the one”. This reflects KotahiNet’s ambitious goal of becoming a leader of the Internet of Things.

At this early stage of the IoT market, we focus on three pillars:

  • The value proposition so that IoT solutions help our customers succeed,
  • Provide modular products and services so that we provide LoRaWAN network connectivity, or devices, or complete IoT solutions based on what customers need, and
  • Being helpful and flexible so that our customers trust us and want us to be their preferred long-term IoT partner.
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KotahiNet offers products in the following categories:

KotahiNet's products
Level Monitor

Measure liquid or solid level using an ultrasonic sensor

Lidar Distance Measurement

Measure distance or range accurately using a laser

Soil Moisture, Temperature, EC

Measure soil health and nutrient levels