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The latest LoRa and NB-IoT technology enables the long standby time and very low total ownership cost of the system together with our distinguished seamless indoor and outdoor positioning technology we provide position-based people and asset management solution.

We support customers our unique tracking hardware, positioning engine, map, data analysis and behavior analysis. And meanwhile we offer customized service to customers and system integrator to interface with our hardware and/or software. Our solution can be widely used in professional areas such as construction field, coal mine, care home, hospital, school, warehouse, airport etc.

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LANSITEC Information Technology Co., Ltd. offers products in the following categories:

LANSITEC Information Technology Co., Ltd.'s products
Asset LoRa Outdoor Asset Management Tracker

tracker, Bluetooth, GPS, indoor tracking, outdoor

LoRa Badge Tracker, Bluetooth and GPS tracker

tracker, Bluetooth, GPS, indoor tracking

LoRa Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth gateway, LoRa, beacon, ibeacon, indoor tracking, gateway

LoRa Platium Temperature Sensor

temperature sensor, PT100, Platinum

LoRa Solar Bluetooth Gateway

Solar, Bluetooth, LoRa

LoRa Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Temperature, humidity, sensor, LoRa