LoRa for all, LoRa for life


At Loratec we develop embedded systems in the area of Internet of Things. Since we see great potential and opportunities ahead in the application of LoRa, we have specialized ourselves completely in this communication technique! Within Loratec we possess extensive knowledge and experience of sensor technologies, which has especially laid our focus onto the development and production of hardware and firmware!

As such, both collaborate with partners; such as software companies or even final customers, as well develop our own products. Meet for example Lorainna; our ‘Long Range Internet Node for Numerous Applications’!

# Agriculture
# End Device
# Environment Monitoring
# EU 863-870
# Smart City

Loratec offers products in the following categories:

Loratec's products

The LoRa node for General Purpose Power Measurement and Control!


Long Range Internet Node for Numerous Applications