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Microshare™ is a data leverage platform for the IoT era, providing a solution to sharing, privacy, security, audit, confidentiality, data monetization and cost savings.

In an increasingly complex environment defined by cloud, social, mobile, sensors, and the Internet of Things, data access and controlled sharing present the biggest opportunities and largest challenges. With increased volumes and types of data come increased regulation, security and privacy concerns. Sharing data, gaining and managing access, complying with regulatory agencies, and defining and adhering to privacy concerns, are all part of the challenge. Yet at the same time, we believe that inside the data deluge lies real business value for those that can harness the chaos. New business models, collaboration and revenue opportunities, all await those who embrace the new ecosystem.

The Microshare™ platform and product suite can take massive amounts of data, stored in 1000’s of locations, generated from 1000’s of sources and put it into the hands of a single, empowered individual to use as needed. By combining into a single platform advanced integration techniques, deep knowledge of business process automation, sophisticated data filtering, rules, and cutting edge on-demand data, we can tame the data monster.

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Microshare offers products in the following categories:

Microshare's products
Microshare’s Predictive Cleaning & Maintenance solution

Simple real-time monitoring of restrooms and facilities

Microshare’s Smart Facilities Environment solution

Simple real-time monitoring of building conditions

Microshare’s Smart Occupancy Module

Simple real-time monitoring of use and occupancy of desks, conference rooms and public areas.