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myDevices is an Internet of Things solutions company. We accelerate IoT development and empower enterprises to quickly design, prototype, and commercialize IoT solutions.

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Restaurant and Food Services Solution

Food storage temperature monitoring is vital for food freshness. Maintain proper temperatures and reduce risk of costly spoilage while maintaining HACCP compliance with accurate temperature record keeping. Effortlessly monitor all of your food storage equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and receive alerts should any readings fall out of range.

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myDevices's products

Drag and drop IoT platform

IoT in a Box

Pre-packaged LoRaWAN solutions

Pharmaceutical Refrigeration

Laboratory Cooler & Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Monitoring

Property & Facility Management

Property and Building Remote Monitoring Solution

Restaurant and Food Services

Walk in, Cooler, Freezer & Food Prep Monitoring