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SensorTeam, a Dutch tech company frontiering in Internet of Things. Because we team up with fullservice internetcompany Webenable, we come up with great solutions for social issues like noise disturbance and indoor climate conditions.
We create our own cloud platform for data analysis and dashboarding and make sure it works fast and looks fabulous on all your devices.
In the exciting world of IoT there is more waiting for us, and for you. We are happy to discuss all the new possibilities that IoT offers. You can always get in touch with us.

Good to know is that we focus on:
- sound level and indoor climate monitoring
- developing M2M hardware + software
- monitoring and operating machines and devices

We support:
LoraWan Network
GPRS Network
Cloud programming (IDE, built-in code editor)

Need to know more? Inquiries? Please contact us:, +31 (0)20 261 4642.

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Sensorteam offers products in the following categories:

Sensorteam's products
IoT SoundSensor™

Noise monitoring using the Internet of Things