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www.specmeters.eu is the ESTEDE webshop Business Solutions BV. Our company is focused on measuring equipment for the agricultural and horticultural sector. In 2006 we started with the introduction of measuring equipment from Spectrum Technologies. In Europe. The expertise of ESTEDE in the field of software development and communication systems combined with the measuring equipment of Spectrum Technologies has led to a number of very interesting products for our customers. .

ESTEDE | Business Solutions BV offers a number of product lines and technologies with which weather conditions, nutrients in plants and crops, the quality of the soil / water and the quality and quantity of the light can be measured. Our software and communication systems ensure that this information is quickly and easily accessible on your computer or via the internet worldwide.

With MeteoView we can present and analyze information that comes from our weather stations via GPRS worldwide on the internet. This data can be used, among other things, for disease and growth models so that a warning can be issued at an early stage when pesticides have to be sprayed or when it is time to harvest.

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FieldGuard Soil Sensor Station

FieldGuard LoRaWAN Soil Sensors Station