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TEKTELIC Communications develops leading edge small cell wireless Base Stations, wireless Backhaul Systems, high power Radios and Power Amplifiers that address 3G and 4G Service Provider coverage and rapidly growing data requirements. Our innovative products include very compact form factor Base Stations, wireless Backhaul Systems, high power and high efficiency Remote Radio Heads (RRHs), Shelf Mount Radios (SMR), and Power Amplifiers. TEKTELIC products are differentiated by high quality, and compact size making them easy to deploy and simple to maintain.

Our solutions leverage our unique design expertise in the areas of radio and system design, digital signal processing, mechanical and thermal design, power, protection and grounding. All these skills are key ingredients in building high quality integrated products that optimize form factor size in relation to power output and consumption. Our small cell solutions are ideal for urban outdoor deployments where high power transmission and small form factor are key deployment characteristics.

TEKTELIC’s customers include large international OEM vendors as well as emerging telecom equipment suppliers. The value we offer to our clients is a deeply rooted knowledge of Radio and Base Station design and the ability to deliver quality product from concept to full line production in a timely and efficient manner.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Gateways
# Indoor
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Outdoor
# Smart City
# US 902-928

TEKTELIC Communications offers products in the following categories:

TEKTELIC Communications's products
KONA All-in-one Home Sensor

LoRaWAN connected Home and Office Environment Monitoring

KONA Macro IoT Gateway

Scalable LoRaWAN Gateway for outdoor deployments

KONA Mega IoT Gateway

High Capacity LoRaWAN Gateway for Global Deployments

KONA Micro IoT Gateway

Enterprise LoRaWAN Gateway for Mission Critical Deployments

KONA Pico IoT Gateway

Miniature LoRaWAN Gateway for Home and Small Office