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The ARCS Group is a team of industry professionals with specialist and significant engineering design experience in the application of innovative technology solutions to solve difficult problems. ARCS have extensive experience in the fields of SCADA, train control, asset monitoring, CCTV and related disciplines within the rail and related industries and have extensive experience in applied technology in many engineering fields.

The ARCS Group has offices in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Over the past 35 plus years The ARCS Group consultants have worked with and consulted to urban and freight railways in WA, NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. They have had involvement in the design, construction, implementation and support of the train control, SCADA, passenger information, asset monitoring and protection and operational systems. Their clients include Westrail, Public Transport Authority, WestNet Rail, Brookfield Rail, Queensland Rail, Aurizon, Sydney Trains, BHPB, Rio Tinto, TasRail and a number of other private rail operators and contractors.

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MeshNET Light Controller

Better, Safer, Faster, Smarter

MeshNET Modbus Controller

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