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Born as a private engineering services firm in 2012, Ubidots specialized in connected hardware and software solutions to remotely monitor, control, and automate processes for healthcare clients at well funded startups and Fortune 1,000s in the American Southeast and across Latin America. Between 2012 and 2014, Ubidots expanded our support industries and accomplished countless internet connected projects across – Healthcare, Energy / Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Retail – learning the many small characteristics of IoT and Cloud enablement that digital transformation experts cannot speak to unless they have gotten their hands dirty in the field.

With a strong backbone and a steadfast determination to be more than another Latin American “copy-cat,” Ubidots joined the Boston MassChallenge Accelerator in 2014, pivoting into a global product-based cloud IoT startup, gaining US venture and support and leaving behind the local services business.

Since Ubidots pivot in 2014, Ubidots has become known within hardware, software, embedded engineering, and maker circles as the affordable, reliable, and most useable platform in an IoT platform ecosystem filled with strong competition.

In 2018, Ubidots spun out the Ubidots for Education platform to give IoT enthusiast and students a place to build, develop, test, learn, and explore the future of Internet-connected applications and solutions.

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Connect the dots to the Internet of Things with Ubidots