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VaxCore Inc. has been devoted to design and develop high-quality and cutting-edge products with innovating technology since it was founded. Our compact embedded solutions are based on ARM RISC architecture, and offer a variety of platforms including Industrial IoT Devices, SBC (Single Board Computer), and Box PC. The application fields of Machine Vision and Imaging, Intelligent Industrial Automation, Tool Vehicle/Car, IoT System, intelligent logistic are credited to VaxCore’s high-efficient design service.

We offer a one-stop-shop for developers, integrators, and OEMs, providing a complete service from hardware customization to software support, and even product branding and enclosure design. Moreover, we devote ourselves to the development of related application field, with well-equipped knowhow and ability to stay in line with the market trend.

VaxCore’s persistence in excellence doesn’t stop on provision of reliable products. Our R&D and sales teams bring customer’s demands into realization and render value-adding services to increase solutions, shorten development cycle and cost effective stuffs for our business partners and customers.

# CN 470-510
# EU 863-870
# Gateways
# US 902-928

Vaxcoreinc offers products in the following categories:

Vaxcoreinc's products

# End Device # EU 863-870 # Industrial IoT # LoRaWAN Certified # Smart Metering # US 902-928 # outdoor # Indoor


Tiny Core LoRa IoT Sensor


Integrated Sensor Platform