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Wide Area Sensor Network offers you everything related to LoRa and LoRaWAN.

From simple sensors and gateways to building complete public or private networks.
We also develop very special sensors for you according to your specifications.

All of our products are developed in Germany and manufactured under the highest quality standards.

In addition to the "normal" sensors for temperature, humidity, air pressure and air quality, we also offer sensors for parking area monitoring and for the agricultural sector.

In this area, the compact outdoor gateways also prove themselves in both the public and private network areas.

In addition, we also develop sensors for counting people based on their WLAN and Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices. This data collection is of course completely anonymized and within the scope of data protection. For example, you can determine the most popular locations of your customers in shopping centers.

Here, the compact indoor gateways have proven themselves in both the public and private network areas.

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LoRaWAN modularNode

modular LoRaWAN Node