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Communication Solutions for IoT & Smart Metering incorporating LoRa modulation, Wireless M-Bus and LoRaWAN protocols. Our unique combination of radio modules, software stacks and engineering expertise makes it quick and easy to get your products connected and SMART.

WYLD Networks develops and manufactures low power consumption, high integrity, off-the-shelf and custom, wireless communications products.

WYLD Network's technology is designed for #IIoT and commercial applications including #SmartMetering, #SmartCities, Building and #HomeAutomation. However, it can be tailored for almost any SMART, M2M or IoT application requiring wireless connectivity, especially applications requiring long range.

WYLD Network’s core technology centres on #LoRaWAN #LoRa long range wireless coupled with EN13757-compliant #WirelessMeterBus and operating frequencies of 169, 868 AND 915 MHz.

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# EU 863-870
# US 902-928

WYLD Networks offers products in the following categories:

WYLD Networks's products
AM060 RF wireless M-Bus at 868 Mhz

A high-performing compact wireless Meter-Bus RF module


High-performance LoRaWAN modem

AM094 RF modem LoRaWAN

High-performing RF module suitable for a wide range of IoT applications


High-performance LoRaWAN modem


The software that bridges LoRaWAN® and WM-Bus