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The AllThingsTalk Cloud is an IoT Application Enablement platform for prototyping and full scale product deployment.

Connect your devices with web services, let them interact using when-then rules, and store as well as visualise data using mobile or web dashboards.

The AllThingsTalk Cloud is production ready, built to scale and can be white labelled for your own brand or products.

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AllThingsTalk Maker, the Cloud Instance for Prototyping is free to use for developers and innovators. You can discover the accessible functionality of the AllThingsTalk Cloud and experiment to learn how to put the Internet of Things to use in your line of business.

Build an IoT demo app in 2 minutes using your smartphone and computer. No other hardware or software downloads required.

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Technical details

The AllThingsTalk Cloud is more than just an IoT Platform. It's an end-to-end solution for connecting any hardware or software platform.

  • Explore new product functionality - Identify and test opportunties for new connected services using your existing and new product lines.
  • Connect anything - Use existing integrated sensors or add new ones to products and environments to capture data.
  • Collect and visualise data - Modular tools to structure and visualise data in near real-time.
  • Interpret using Smart Data components - User, device and location contextualisation
  • Build domain and setting specific applications - Design patterns and architecture to deploy applications into offices, homes, vehicles, worksites, factories and retail environments.
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