AM094 RF modem LoRaWAN

High-performing RF module suitable for a wide range of IoT applications

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Connect hard to reach devices (sensors, meters and other products generating data of some sort) to networks using battery powered RF modules that can work autonomously for up to 10 years. The AM094 RF module is equipped with fully featured software stack which translates into: quick connectivity of modules to networks. The initial testing & proof of concept is a quick process with our modules as usually no software customisation is required plus Radio configuration is made so easy through our interface. When in need of customised functionality - an onboard MCU is accessible for adding lines of code to perform required application.

AMIHO Technology are Wireless experts specialising in low-power long-range communication technologies: wireless M-Bus, LoRa and LoRaWAN. We develop wireless technology including high-performance RF modems and unique software stacks and we help to customise those for a range of IoT projects.

To this date, there are over 300.000 installations of our wireless technology Worldwide in Smart Metering, Home Automation, Sensing Systems and other IoT solutions. Our core competence is product development for our customers where we help to embed our wireless technologies inside their devices. With our extensive RF expertise and proven technology, our customers successfully bring their Smart Products and Solutions to market with low risk and within short timeframes.

# EU 863-870
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Modules
# Smart Building
# Smart City


The AM094 comes in a standard for AMIHO's modules footprint of 20.3 x 17.8 mm. The AM094 also supports the TRIoT® software stack developed by AMIHO making multi-standard communication possible on a single RF modem: wireless M-Bus, LoRa, LoRaWAN + bridging between protocols. Ideal for Smart Metering, Smart Sensing and applications requiring acquiring data from a range of different devices.

Product brief is available from the general product page:

Technical details

• AT Command Interface: connecting and configuring devices quicker
• Access to on-board MCU to add customised applications
• NXP Kinetis family ARM® 32-bit Cortex M0+MCU
• Semtech SX1272 modem
• Firmware updates by bootloader
Transmit RF Performance:
• +14dBm at 3.3Vz

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