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The Wyld Networks AM095 is a high-performance modem at 169 and 868 which includes the TRIoT® stack: Wireless M-Bus, LoRa® and LoRaWAN®. Ideal for Smart City, Smart Metering, Building Automation, Anti-Poaching Sensing Systems and other IoT applications using networks that implement these protocols.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Smart Building
# Smart City
# Smart Metering


- TRIoT® stack included
- Unique bridging function between protocols
- Dual-band 169 / 868 MHz
- LoRa® long range up to 15 km
- AES128 encryption/decryption
- Full access to on-board MCU to add your own application code
- AT command interface

The low-power AM095 is capable of configuration for up to 100mW transmission power output. It provides a highly integrated, cost-effective solution for sub-1GHz applications. The module uses an AT command interface and supports very low current standby for battery-powered applications. Wyld Networks provides full integration support of our technology including customisation of hardware, software and product development.

Technical details

- Wireless modem
- Use in stand-alone modem mode, or embed user application on-board
- RF Operation
- Narrow-band and wideband operation throughout 868MHz ISM band
- Narrow-band operation in the 169MHz band
- Receiver continuously optimises operating conditions to reduce packet error rate
- High stability TCXO
- Wide tolerance of wM-Bus data rate errors
- Transmit RF Performance
- 25mW at 868 MHz, 100 mW at 169 MHz
- Either frequency band may be production selected for 100mW operation
- Function
- Long-Range Operation
- Spread spectrum operating mode using LoRa® technology
- Increases link budget by up to 25dB
- For use in radio-poor environments
- Software
- Supports Wireless M-Bus N, S, R, T and C modes with OMS extensions for metering
- LoRaWAN® 1.0.3 Class A
- LoRaWAN® Class B and C supported
- The TRIoT® stack from Wyld Networks
- Link RF Performance
- Receive sensitivity to -123dBm in FSK mode
- Receive sensitivity to -148dBm in Spread Spectrum mode

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