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The Blue Node connects real world sensors to apps in a way no other remote telemetry device can. A battery powered, multi-sensor node that lasts up to 10 years, the Blue Node is the easiest device to actually install in the field, providing data communications for an enormous variety of existing sensors with the cloud – both ours and yours.

The Node is a small battery powered device designed to measure a range of different sensor data and transmit to the nearest Base Station. It can also receive commands from the Base Station. It is available is many different configurations including internal sensors, support for external probes, non-rechargeable or
rechargeable battery and many others.

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Soil Moisture and Temperature
- Aquacheck,
- Up to 6 pairs of sensors
Wind Speed and Direction
- Davis
- Pole mount
Rain Gauge
- Davis
- Pole mount
Water Float Level
- Float sensor
- Tristate: empty, full, in-between
Range sensor
- MaxBotix ultrasound sensor
- Give range in front of sensor in cm
LoRa range test button
- Illuminated button to help you find out if your node is in range of a base station

Technical details

•Build for the outdoor (designed for IP67)
•Up to 20km LoRa range
•Low cost & easy to deploy
•Battery powered
•Optimised power consumption to enable 10
years+ battery life in some configurations
•Easy installation
•Long shelf life
•-10ºC to +60ºC operating temperature

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