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myDevices IoT Ready Program™ allows sensor, gateway, microcontroller and other hardware manufacturers to integrate their products into myDevices’ Cayenne IoT Project Builder and become accessible to to Cayenne’s community of users. Cayenne allows developers to drag-and-drop any IoT-ready device from its extensive library and prototype an IoT project without having to write code to provision devices.

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  • Quickly design, prototype, and commercialize IoT solutions
  • Customize your mobile and online dashboard with drag and drop widgets
  • Use the app to manage your projects from anywhere
  • Enable SMS text messages and email notifications based on triggered events
  • Automation in a few easy steps with powerful If/Then statements based on real-time data and actions
  • Schedule events for connected single board computers, microcontrollers, sensors and actuators
  • Access real-time and historical device and sensor data‌
  • Price: free to start

Technical details

Read more on how to integrate with myDevices Cayenne from the link below.

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Cayenne is included in the following solutions

Rat and Mouse Trap Monitoring Solution

This solution has been designed to provide long range wireless capability to detect a mouse or a rat caught by a trap in its bait station. These smart traps from Xignal have a wireless sensor which connects directly to a LoRaWAN gateway providing connectivity up to 8-10 km distance. The sensor detects the capture of a mouse/rat from a trap action and sends an immediate trigger to the gateway through which it can then be removed service personnel.

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