Outdoor Ultrasonic Height measurement

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The ELSYS ELT-2 Maxbotix ultrasound bundle is a configurable LoRaWAN solution for tank monitoring projects. The ELT-2 Ultrasound combines the reliable Elsys ELT-2 LoRa solution with the Maxbotix Ultrasound sensor to provide a way to measure tank levels up to a distance of around 5 meters.

The ELSYS ELT-2 Maxbotix has a range of uses including flood levels, tank monitoring and bin content. The Ultrasound device allows for accurate and regular reporting of levels via LoRaWAN back to the base station.

The ELT-2 Maxbotix incorporates 4 sensors: The ultrasound, and three internal sensors: a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and an accelerometer for orientation measurements.

# AS 923
# AU 915-928
# End Device
# Environment Monitoring
# EU 863-870
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Outdoor
# Smart City
# US 902-928


The sensors are easy to deploy, with a range of mounting options and user replaceable batteries offering wire-free installation.They are powered by one 3,6V AA lithium battery . The Battery life is estimated to be up to 5 years but depends on sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, power output and environmental factors. All our Elsys sensors are equipped with NFC for easy configuration with an Android phone. With this NFC application you can change sample rate, data rate, encryption keys, triggers, activation and much more. All of the sensors are built on the LoRaWAN™ stack from Semtech.

Technical details

Configuration: All of the Elsys LoRa Sensors can be self-configured using the Android NFC app “Sensor Settings“ available from Android Play .

Frequency and Certification: All our sensors are CE certified, and available for any region including US902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915-928 and KR920-923. Deceleration of Conformity for EU, compliance with FCC Rules and Canada licence-exempt - available on request.

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