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Fasal is an AI-powered IoT platform for precision agriculture. It delivers insights and analytics to farmers to grow more and better.

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Fasal is an AI based agri-tech platform for Agriculture ecosystem that records a variety of growing conditions on the farm. It then uses artificial intelligence and data science to make on-farm predictions and delivers the insights anywhere on any device including (iOS, Android, Tablet and web).

FASAL helps in,
1. Irrigation management, pest and disease management, fertiliser, fungicide and pesticide application management.
2. Getting real-time alerts about crop, soil and weather conditions to make adjustments to reach optimal growth conditions.
3. Planning specific strategies and predicting disease and virus outbreak.

Technical details

Fasal is equipped with array of sensors which record critical farm parameters like Air temperature, Air humidity, Air Pressure, Rainfall, Wind speed and direction, Rainfall, Soil Moisture, Soil temperature and Leaf wetness etc. It then uses LoRaWAN to upload data to Fasal Cloud.

Fasal AI engine uses realtime data to make disease and weather prediction. Data and prediction is available in realtime to farmers on Fasal Mobile app.

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