FieldGuard Soil Sensor Station

FieldGuard LoRaWAN Soil Sensors Station

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FieldGuard LoRaWAN Soil Sensor Station with 1 WaterScout SMEC300 Soil Moisture Sensor + 1 Watermark Sensor measuring Soil Moisture (%VWC), EC (mS/cm) Soil Temperature (°C) Soil Moisture Tension (kPA), Air Temperature (°C) and Air Humidity (%RH).

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FieldGuard LoRaWAN Orchard Stations are ideal for monitoring climate and soil conditions in your Orchard, Vineyard, or the field where you grow your fruits and crops. We have developed 3 types of LoRaWAN station that are available with different sensor configurations. The Soil Sensor Stations are very suitable for monitoring Soil Conditions (Soil Moisture Content, EC, Soil Moisture Tension and Soil Temperature). The Groundwater Level Station measures not only groundwater level, but also the temperature of the water, and the Rain Collector station can be upgraded with a Air Temperature and Humidity sensor and Leaf Wetness sensor making also suitable for disease modelling.

Technical details

  • Range: VWC: 0% VWC to saturation, EC: 0 to 10 mS/cm, Temp: 0 - 122°F (-18 - 50°C)
  • Power: 3V @ 6 to 10 mA
  • Output: Analog voltage, time division multiplexed
  • Resolution: VWC 0.1%, EC 0.01 mS/cm, Temp 0.1°C
  • Cable Length: 1.8m (extendable up to 14m)
  • Accuracy: VWC 2%, EC ±2%, Temp ±0.8°C
  • Sensing Area: 5.4 cm. x 1.8 cm
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