Hummbox Level Ultrasonic

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HummBox Level is a connected ultrasonic level sensor, connected with Sigfox or Lora, self-powered, to continuously monitor level, volume and distance.

# End Device
# Environment Monitoring
# EU 863-870
# Industrial IoT
# Logistics
# US 902-928


Key features

  • Volume calculation of any kind of tank shape
  • Tank autonomy calculation and prediction
  • Measurement frequency customizable over the cloud (once a day to every 10 minutes)
  • Alert on level or autonomy thresholds (SMS or email)
  • REST API to get the data
  • Real time dashboard, map and KPIs for decision making in App (desktop or mobile)
  • Device management dashboard, hibernation mode, reboot over the cloud, …

Technical details

Ultrasonic level sensor :
- Distance range : 20cm to 665cm
- Resolution : 1cm (mm in option)

Connectivity :
- Connected with Lora
- External antenna

User interaction :
- Button for on-site configuration and instant measurement
- Audio feedback for interactions

Box and mounting :
- Waterproof box and sensor IP65 (IP68 in option)
- Easy mounting with screws or clamp
- Size : 115 x 65 x 55 mm
- Weight : 200g

Autonomy and measurement frequency :
- Measurement frequency can be managed over the cloud from once a day to 144 times per day (every 10 minutes)

Battery AA :
- 5 years for 2 measures per day
- 2 years for 12 measures per day

Battery C (option) :
- 12 years for 2 measures per day
- 7 years for 12 measures per day

Smart frequency mode increases battery life time adapting the frequency to the dynamic of the physical paramater monitored.
For example, in standard case, the autonomy can be increased from 2 years to 4.5 years.

Options :
- Box IP68 (box size : 180 x 100 x 100 mm, weight : 290g), without externan button
- Power supply : battery C for autonomy extension
- Sensors: resolution in mm, rugged sensor against chemical vapors (for chemical product monitoring)

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