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The iM881A-M is a compact and low-cost radio module that operates in the unlicensed 868 MHz band and combines a powerful Cortex-M0 controller with the new LoRa™ transceiver SX1272 of Semtech Corporation. It has been specifically designed for battery driven devices. It consumes 40 mA in transmit with the maximum output power of +14dBm. Combined with an excellent sensitivity of down to -138 dBm a range of 12 km can be achieved in free space environment. The iM881A-M is pre-certified according the European R & TTE guideline and can be soldered like an SMD component. iM881A-M passed the Orange device interoperability test. This test validates the performance of the iM881A-M in the Orange public LoRaWAN network environment.

# EU 863-870
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Modules


  • Maximum sensitivity ‑138 dBm
  • Range up to 12000 m (LoS)
  • Solderable like a SMD component
  • 50Ω pad for antenna
  • RoHS conform
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