Indoor Gateway GW200

868MHz terminal

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The GW200 is an 8-channel LoRaWAN residential gateway deployed indoors, with built-in Semtech high-performance multi-channel transceivers SX1308 and MTK platforms to connect LoRaWAN cloud servers via Ethernet or WiFi. Suitable for smart hotels, smart buildings, smart homes, indoor smart parking, and as a supplement to the deep coverage of outdoor industrial gateways.

# CN 470-510
# EU 863-870
# Gateways
# Indoor
# Smart City


High performance: Maximum output power up to 25dBm, sensitivity of -142dBm at 300bps
LoRaWAN Uplink: 8 common multi-spreading factor channels (SF7 to SF12, 125KHz),
1 single spreading factor high-speed data transmission channel and 1 GFSK channel
LoRaWAN downlink: 1 normal channel (125kHz / 250kHz / 500kHz bandwidth)
Supports LoRaWAN communication half duplex mode
Supports AP / Station / PPPoE mode
Supports 10 / 100 M Ethernet, LAN / WAN can automatically switch through RJ45 port
Can be configured via WIFI or LAN
Seamless connection LoRaWAN cloud platform

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