Integration with Azure IoT Hub

Streaming LoRaWAN Network to Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure is a leading provider of integrated cloud service for analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web. The Microsoft Azure IoT Hub helps you to get started on your IoT project in minutes through a set of extensible preconfigured solutions that address common IoT scenarios, such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. Core to Azure IoT is the Azure IoT Hub that enables secure, reliable, bi-directional communication between IoT endpoints such as sensors and the cloud. Azure IoT Hub supports a broad set of operating systems, protocols and common languages, so you can configure your connections to the devices.

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Key Features:
- IoT data from LoRaWAN directly to Azure Hub Service
- Perfect for end to end IoT application
- Hosting of LoRaWAN application server within Azure IoT ensuring security with encryption
- Protocol gateway for systems already running on Azure Cloud

Technical details

This integration is ideal for those that want to program a solution on top of the Azure platform and test it with real sensors.

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Creating Value on The Things Network

Integration with Azure IoT Hub is included in the following solutions

Agriculture & Precision Farming

Agriculture and Precision Farming solution over LoRaWAN technology to increase the quality, quantity, sustainability and cost effectiveness of agricultural production.

Offered by The Things Industries
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Building Management Solution

Building management systems are the backbone of smart buildings. Allowing building owners and tenants to monitor, maintain and manage the functions within a structure. The solution deployment involves the installation of sensors, network and a cloud-based data store for the application.

Offered by The Things Industries
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Smart Water Management

Smart Water Solution has the potential to positively impact end customers as well as water providers. It is able to give indications of undetected leaks in water networks by transmitting data more frequently via a radio signal rather than relying on a manual reading. Allowing more frequent and accurate data to be sent through to water providers.

Offered by The Things Industries
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