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One-Click Smart Solution (LORA)

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We have developed an IOT Software Platform. We are now working on packaging simple B2B solutions - 1 device - 1 dashboard + alerts.

We have a range of LORA devices for Smart Building (Smoke sensor, door/window, presence, water leakage, temperature) and Smart Metering (MBUS, RS232, RS485 to LORA converters, Pulse Counters). Our goal is to offer a "one-click" (actually just scan a QR-code) entry level products. Example (first one): A LORA Smoke sensor + dashboard + SMS/Voice call alert in case of Smoke detection.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Platform
# US 902-928


Technical details

A one-click solution for various needs:
- Detect door openings
- Detect Smoke presence
- Measure machine performance
- Detect water presence...

Every solution includes:
- 1 (or more) sensors
- 1 dashboard per sensor type
- Alert configuration (email, sms, voice call)

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One-Click Smart Solution (LORA)