IoT LoRa Node Shield

Making LoRa cheaper, more accessible and hackable using the Ardunio

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LoRa (Long Range) is the smart, long-range, wireless transmission technology that is enabling the future of IoT (Internet of Things).

Our IoT LoRa Node Shield allows you to create an inexpensive LoRa node, compatible with The Things Network, in conjunction with an Arduino. This board allows quicker prototyping as it has the LoRa stack on the chip. Add sensors, buttons and more to complete your LoRa network! The IoT LoRa Node Shield uses the RAK811 LoRa / LoRAWAN module which is based on Semtech SX1276 LoRa technology.

# Developement Kit
# EU 863-870
# US 902-928


Compatible with
- Arduino Uno
- Arduino Duemilanove
- Arduino Zero
- Arduino Mega
- Arduino Leonardo
- Arduino Nano

What's Inside?
- IoT LoRa Node Shield
- RAK811 Pre-assembled
- Stickers
- Info card

Technical details

It's available in two different frequency variations:

  • 868 MHz
  • 915 MHz

Need more information about frequencies in your region? Then check out this page:

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