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The new standard for track & trace
All components are selected carefully and merged into a revolutionary design. The optimal collaboration between the hardware and software provide an amazing user experience, without worrying about charging. The ioTracker can be used by or is compatible with many applications

Key Use-Case Examples

  • Key use-cases examples:
  • Asset tracking (indoor and outdoor);
  • Asset monitoring (movement, g-shock, temperature, light);
  • Emergency alerting (upon movement, button press or sensor data);
  • Elderly care;
# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Indoor
# Logistics
# Outdoor
# Smart City


  • Localisation via LoRa, WiFi and GPS;
  • Extremely low-power with 1-5 years of battery life, depending on configurations;
  • Super precise temperature (0,01 °C resolution and accuracy of 0,2 °C));
  • Super precise light sensor (0,01 lux till 83000 lux);
  • Movement detection;
  • Geofence feature via API/dashboard;
  • G-shock measurements (-6G to +6G in all three directions);
  • Bluetooth optional, upon request;
  • Access to your data via API, app and dashboard;
  • Highly configurable device, where most of the re-configuration can be done over-the-air via downlinks;

Technical details

  • Housing dimensions: 57,6x33,6x13,4 mm;
  • Device weight: 31 gram
  • IP 66, 68 (1,2m, 2h);
  • Replaceable battery (CR2477);
  • Red+Green LEDs
  • Buzzer.
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Track and trace without charging