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The Kerlink LoRa IoT station is a terminal designed to meet M2M & IoT connectivity service providers that want to operate their network by themselves.

The Station incorporates the Long Range « LoRa » ™ technology developed by Semtech and communication functions (Ethernet and 3G). Thanks to a rugged case - IP 67 -, Wirnet 868 MHz can handle with harsh installation environments (moisture, dust, wind).

Installed on the relay antenna of a telecommunications operator, on the roof of a building or a water tower, it can establish bidirectional communications with several thousand items of intelligent equipment (sensors, meters, connected things) which are several kilometres away.

# AS 923
# EU 863-870
# Gateways
# Outdoor
# US 902-928


Operating System
- Standard Long Term Support Linux version 3.10
- File system YAFFS2 (NAND) and EXT4 (eMMC)
- Support of all GNU/Linux tools (cross-compiled for ARM)
- POSIX1 file system
- TCP/IP BSD4.4 socket on network bearer

Software packages included (non-exhaustive)

- JAVA ORACLE OJEC VM (J2M2 compliant
based on CDC 1.1.2 profile)

- DHCP client and server
- FTP server
- SSH server
- NFS client
- Firewalling (iptables) and IP routing (layer 3)
- HTTP server
- TFTP server
- L2TP tunneling

EU868, US915, AS923
315 x 170 x 215 (including mounting kit)
~2 kg (including mounting kit)
Ethernet, 3G, WiFi

Technical details

The Kerlink LoRa IoT Station is is an industrial solution suitable for people who want to mount the gateway outside and who have sufficient technical skills to connect, mount and maintain the device themselves.

For more information check out the guide and datasheet from the links below.

Datasheet Connect to The Things Network
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Communication is everything

The Things Industries

Creating Value on The Things Network

Kerlink LoRa IoT Station is included in the following solutions

Agriculture & Precision Farming

Agriculture and Precision Farming solution over LoRaWAN technology to increase the quality, quantity, sustainability and cost effectiveness of agricultural production.

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Smart Water Management

Smart Water Solution has the potential to positively impact end customers as well as water providers. It is able to give indications of undetected leaks in water networks by transmitting data more frequently via a radio signal rather than relying on a manual reading. Allowing more frequent and accurate data to be sent through to water providers.

Offered by The Things Industries
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