KONA Pico IoT Gateway

Miniature LoRaWAN Gateway for Home and Small Office

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The adoption of IoT solutions in the home and office is driving the need for indoor access to wide area low power networks. While LoRaWAN macro networks are being rolled out today, access is not ubiquitous.

With TEKTELIC's KONA Pico IoT Gateway users experience premier IoT connectivity with improved coverage, consistent service and reliability of their proximity to the macro LoRaWAN network. This plug and play Pico gateway connects directlly into an existing broadband service, self configures, and extends LoRa coverage inside the home or small office.

# EU 863-870
# Gateways
# Indoor
# Smart Building
# US 902-928



Operator Benefits

  • Reduce operation and deployment costs by utilizing KONA Pico IoT gateway with existing IP backhaul.
  • Improve coverage and services resulting in increased adoption and customer satisfaction.
  • Maximize benefit to customer by enabling a wide range of additional IoT services such as home and asset monitoring, security, health and fitness.
  • Robust gateway design manufactured for quality.
  • Self optimizing plug and play installation.
  • Integrated with eco-system of network servers and devices.


Key Features

  • Most global ISM bands
  • Time duplex 8 Rx / 1 Tx
  • Integrated or external LoRa Antenna
  • 27 dBm Tx Power
  • Plug-n-play operation
  • Factory image for mass deployments
  • In-service updates

Technical details

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